Doctors on Duty is now out of network with Anthem Blue Cross beginning August 1, 2023 - Click Here to Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is happening between Doctors on Duty and Anthem Blue Cross?
A:  Doctors on Duty, through its partner Salinas Valley Health, is in active negotiations with Anthem Blue Cross. The current contract expires on August 1, 2023. Our goal over the past several months has been to initiate a new contract that would allow us to continue providing services as an in-network provider to Anthem Blue Cross members at our facilities and with our affiliated physicians. We are working diligently to secure sustainable reimbursement to counter rapidly rising costs of care.
Q: Why haven’t you been able to come to a resolution with Anthem Blue Cross?
A:  To continue to serve as a reliable source for high-quality, convenient care for our community, we need sustainable reimbursement from Anthem Blue Cross and other health insurance companies. Healthcare providers across the country are experiencing the crushing weight of rising costs and inflation.

While Anthem recognizes the continued surge in costs facing healthcare providers, they have been unwilling to pay fairly for the care we provide. We need Anthem to put the health of our community first, just as we are, by providing reimbursement rates that ensure we can continue to be there for our patients whenever and wherever they need us.

Q: When does the contract with Anthem Blue Cross end?
A:  The current contract with Anthem Blue Cross ends on August 1, 2023. Until then, nothing changes for patients with Anthem Blue Cross healthcare coverage. You can continue to access all of our services on an in-network basis through July 31, 2023. After that time, if Anthem has not agreed on a new contract, Doctors on Duty will be considered out-of-network.
Q: Which Anthem Blue Cross health plans would be affected by an Anthem Blue Cross termination?
A:  Health plans affected by an Anthem Blue Cross termination include:
  • Anthem Blue Cross Aspire HMO
  • Anthem Blue Cross of California – Commercial
  • Anthem Blue Cross (Pathways)
  • Anthem Medicare Advantage
Q:What is the difference between in-network and out-of-network?
A:  “In-network” means Doctors on Duty has an existing contract with Anthem Blue Cross to see patients at a contracted rate for services.“Out-of-network” means Doctors on Duty does not have a contract with Anthem Blue Cross.
Q: How will Anthem Blue Cross PPO, HMO, and Medicare patients be affected if the contract ends?
A:  Doctors on Duty will continue to welcome Anthem Blue Cross PPO, HMO, and Anthem Medicare Advantage patients. When Anthem Blue Cross no longer includes us in its network, your share of costs will increase.
Q: What if I have an appointment scheduled at a Doctors on Duty facility on or after August 1, 2023? Should I cancel that and any other upcoming appointments?
A:  We understand that some patients may have appointments scheduled on or after August 1, 2023. We will be happy to see you for your appointment, but since the visit will be “out of network,” you will likely have to pay more for the visit.
Q: I am a new patient. Can I receive care?
A:  Yes, you can receive care from any of Doctors on Duty’s facilities. Please know that if you are covered by Anthem Blue Cross, you will pay a higher share of costs if we are not included in the Anthem Blue Cross network.
Q: How long could Anthem Blue Cross patients be out of network?
A:  Unfortunately, there is no timeline for a successful renegotiation with Anthem Blue Cross. We intend to continue negotiating in good faith for a fair and equitable agreement that keeps Doctors on Duty in network and accessible for Anthem Blue Cross members. We will be transparent and keep our community updated throughout the negotiations.
Q: How can I stay up-to-date on the negotiations?
A:  As our negotiations with Anthem Blue Cross progress, we will continue to keep our patients informed through regular communication:
Q: What can I do to ensure I have continued in-network access to Doctors on Duty?
A:  Call Anthem today. Call the number on the back of your Anthem health insurance card and urge them to work with us to protect your in-network access to Doctors on Duty.
  • Contact your broker. If you acquired your plan through a broker, ask them about coverage options that will allow you to maintain in-network access to Doctors on Duty.
  • Speak with your HR or benefits manager at work. If you receive coverage through your employer, ask your HR or benefits manager about alternate or secondary coverage options that will protect your in-network access to Doctors on Duty facilities and providers.
  • Select a new plan during the upcoming open enrollment period:If you purchase your own insurance from the Health Insurance Exchange, you can select a new plan during California’s upcoming open enrollment period to guarantee your in-network access to Doctors on Duty. We are in-network with the following exchange plans for the full 2023/4 benefit year:
    • Aetna- Commercial, Medicare
    • Aspire – Medicare Advantage
    • Blue Shield of California –– Commercial – TRIO, non-TRIO, Covered California/Exchange
    • Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH) – Medi-Cal
    • Cigna - Commercial
    • Coastal Health Administrators - Commercial
    • Community Health Plan (CHP) - Commercial
    • First Health – Commercial
    • Health Smart/InterPlan - Commercial
    • Humana Choice Care - Commercial
    • Health Net – Commercial
    • Multiplan Commercial
    • Pacific Health Alliance (PHA) – Commercial
    • Pinnacle TPA - Commercial
    • Private Healthcare Systems, Inc. (PHCS) Commercial
    • TriCare
    • TriWest
    • TRPN – Three Rivers Provider Network – Commercial
    • United Healthcare - Commercial