Occupational Medicine


Doctors On Duty Medical Clinics are the most comprehensive provider of employer-related healthcare services on the California Central Coast, with nine locations throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. We use a full-service approach to corporate healthcare, backed by the resources of Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. From injury prevention and wellness programs to objective injury evaluation and treatment, our services are designed to keep your employees healthy, safe and productive. 

Steven C. Schumann, M.D., Medical Director, Occupational Health 


Physical Examination and Screening Services
    Annual Physical Examinations
    Post-Offer Examinations
    Return to Work Examinations
    Department of Transportation Exams (DOT)
    Audiometric Screening
    Vision Screening
    Pulmonary Function Screening
    Laboratory Services
    X-Ray Services
    Immigration Physicals
Drug and Alcohol Services
    DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
    Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
    Certified Breath Alcohol Technician
    Medical Review Officer Services
Medical Monitoring and Surveillance Testing
    Environment Exposure Monitoring
    Respirator Test (baseline, periodic, exit)
    HAZMAT (baseline, periodic, exit)
    Audiometric (baseline, periodic, exit)
    Cholinesterase Monitoring
Work-Related Injury Care
    Injury and Illness Care
    Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    Modified/Restricted Duty Consults
    Return to Work Evaluations
    Injury Prevention Case Management